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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 171

11. Tsar Bomba, most powerful nuclear weapon ever created, 30 October 1961.

12. Chicago World’s Fair, lighting by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse, photo by William Henry Jackson, from the Field Museum archive, 1893.

13. The Tet Offensive begins as Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers attack strategic and civilian locations throughout South Vietnam in the early morning of 31 January 1968.

U.S. Marines take cover from Communist mortar fire on 20 February 1968.

14. Marine First Lieutenant Hart H. Spiegal of Topeka, Kansas, uses sign language as he tries to strike up a conversation with two tiny Japanese soldiers captured on Okinawa.

The boy on the left claims he is “18” while his companion boasts “20” years, 1945.

15. Children pose with an 8-ton ballistic block at Kīlauea volcano, Hawaii.

Some of the large blocks from the eruption of 1924 later became visitor attractions. Many of these blocks remain in place today as evidence of the forces unleashed.

16. German troops at the Soviet border, 22 June 1941.

17. A one-armed blacksmith named Patrick O’Neill using his specially made prosthetic arm, Tottenham, England, November, 1929.

18. A Meccan merchant with his Circassian slave, (1886-1887).

19. 25 Abril Bridge construction, Lisbon, 1962.

20. The Beatles rooftop performance 50 years ago today, London, 30 January 1969.

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