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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 180

11. Contrails above London after dogfight between British RAF and Nazi Luftwaffe pilots, 1940.

12. An Italian MB-339 crashing into the crowd during the Ramstein Air Show, killing 67 and injuring more than 500, Germany, 1988.

13. Prime Minister Winston Churchill addresses British troops in old Roman amphitheater at Carthage, Tunisia, on 1 June 1943.

14. Bruce McCandless II performs first untethered spacewalk, February, 1984.

15. Italian coal miners working in Belgium, around 1900.

16. Jewish Refugees from Czechoslovakia being deported by British Police because their papers weren’t in order, Croydon Airport, March 1939.

17. The crew of a Soviet SU-76 self-propelled gun celebrates the linkup with American troops near the German city of Griebo in May 1945.

18. The Fire on Marlborough Street, New York, 1975.

19. A perimeter guard on shore, during heavy rain, tries to keep dry while guarding SS Baton Rouge Victory after the ship hit a mine on the Long Tao River, Vietnam, 29 August 1966.

Photographed by T.W. Geren.

20. Japanese-American children being transported to a detention camp, San Pedro, CA, 5 April 1942.

Photo by Clem Ablers.

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