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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 183

11. Titanic’s sister ship, the HMT Olympic, painted in dazzle camouflage for WWI, when the luxury liner served as a troop transport across the Atlantic.

Note the guns added to the bow, c. 1917.

12. Madison, Wisconsin: This cameraman stood between the points of Wisconsin National Guardsmen bayonets on 30 September 1969.

13. Alfred Hitchcock directing “The Mountain Eagle.”

The woman standing behind him is his wife, Alma Reville, 1926. The movie is now lost; no copies are known to exist.

14. World’s first female airfighter Sabiha Gökçen with her airplane, Turkey, 1930’s

15. Archduke Franz Ferdinand talking with religious figures (Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim) in Sarajevo shortly before assassination, June 1914.

16. The unfinished Cologne Cathedral, 1855.

17. St. Peter’s Basilica surrounded by cornfields, 1849.

18. Daughter of a mother who had been imprisoned in Auschwitz during WWII hits neo-nazi with a handbag, 13 April 1985.

The photo sparked a discussion in Sweden about “violence unleashed against innocent demonstrators”. She committed suicide two years later.

19. North Hollywood shootout gunman, Emil Matasareanu, smiling for the camera after being shot at least 29 times by LA police. c. 1997.

20. A group of Havana schoolboys in 1937.

The boy with the lollipop is Fidel Castro.

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