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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 185

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 184, click here.

1. A Russian, newly liberated by US soldiers from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, points out the Nazi guard who was brutally beating prisoners, 14 April 1945.

2. A sailor who was burned in a kamikaze attack being fed aboard the USS Solace, 1945.

3. Queen Elizabeth on her throne after her coronation, 1952.

4. A Rescue worker holds a cat amidst the devastation and rubble caused by a V-bomb in Judd Street, London, 13 February 1945.

5. Jianguomenwai Bridge, Beijing, 1989.

Photo by Liu Heung Shing.

6. Hindenburg overlooking the Olympiastadion during the 1936 Olympic in Berlin.

7. Adolf Hitler with a group of brown shirts in Berlin, 1933.

8. German National Football team in France, 1938, FIFA World Cup.

9. Admiral Naokuni Nomura, head of the Japanese military mission in Italy, talking with Italian naval officers during his visit in Taranto, May 1941.

While there, Nomura gathered information about the November 1940 British raid, which was used in the planning of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

10. Kids playing lower east side, NYC, 1963.

Photo by William Carter.

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