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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 185

11. The Circus is in town, New York City 33rd Street, 1968.

Image by Bettman/Corbis.

12. Times Square, 1925.

13. “Street Arabs in their Sleeping Quarters” by Jacob Riis, New York City, 1888.

14. AIDS activists blockade the headquarters of the Food and Drug Administration, while a latex-gloved officer walks among them, October 1988.

15. A Muslim militiaman looks for snipers during a battle with the Yugoslav federal army in Central Sarajevo on Saturday, 2 May 1992.

Photo by David Brauchli.

16. Boy jumping into the Hudson River, New York, 1948.

Photo by Ruth Orkin.

17. An elephant towing supplies in Sheffield, WWI.

18. Life – Midway by Joe Scherschel, 1942.

19. Two American Nazis in uniform stand in the doorway of their New York City office when the headquarters opened, 1 April 1932.

20. New York Train Derailment on Ninth Avenue, 11 September 1905.

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