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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 185

21. Marlene Dietrich greets returning servicemen onboard the USS Monticello, docked at Pier 59 (Chelsea Piers), New York City, 20 July 1945.

22. The Italian destroyer Pantera in the 1930s.

She was scuttled in the Red Sea on 3 April 1941, at the end of a no-return mission against Port Sudan with the last surviving destroyers of the Red Sea Flotilla.

23. Noble Prize in physics Albert Einstein meets Nobel Prize in literature Rabindranath Tagore, Berlin, 1930.

24. Muhammad Ali jogging alongside Queen Elizabeth’s horses in Knightsbridge, London on 11 May 1963.

Ali was training for his title fight with British champion Henry Cooper which he ends up winning, AP Photo.

25. Ernesto Che Guevara, then under the alias of Tatu in a jungle camp with Congolese and Cuban guerrilla fighters, Congo, 1965.

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