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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 189

11. Queen Elizabeth meeting John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy for the first time, 1961.

12. Canadian soldiers study a German plan of the beach during D-Day landing operations in Normandy, 1944.

13. Lieutenants Bobby de la Tour, Don Wells, John Vischer, and Bob Midwood of 22nd Independent Parachute Company, 6th Airborne Division, synchronise watches in preparation for Operation TONGA, the British landings in Normandy, 5 June 1944.

14. Soviet Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev stuck in space during the collapse of the Soviet Union, 1991.

15. A column of Finnish StuG III Ausf. Gs salute in passing, 1943.

16. France, 6 June 1944.

17. One side of a 1937 stereoscopic 3D photograph by Hitler’s friend, photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, featuring the view to the CCCP Pavilion from the German Pavilion.

18. The last Jew of Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 1941.

19. Journalist Archibald Steele (1903-1992) with the Dalai Lama, 1939.

20. Young Soldier holding a little piggy in London during WWII, 1 January 1940.

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