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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 189

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 188, click here.

1. Washington D.C the morning after the assassination of Martin Luther King, 5 April 1968.

2. Moulin Rouge nightclub at Montmarte, Paris, 1923.

3. View over Belin ca.1920.

4. Princess Elizabeth of York (now Queen Elizabeth II) Circa 1927.

5. Exhausted French troops rest inside Fort Vaux during the Battle of Verdun, 1916.

6. More than 25,000 women marched in New York City on 23 October 1915, advocating equal suffrage.

7. Emperor Hirohito of Japan, 15 April 1988.

8. FBI agents dug up explosives and German uniforms in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

FBI agents dug up explosives and German uniforms in Ponte Vedra, Florida where Nazi saboteur Edward Kerling identified the spot that his team had buried after coming ashore as part of Operation Pastorius in June 1942. Operation Pastorius was the first German landing on U.S. soil in WWII.

9. The Edmund Fitzgerald in Toledo, Ohio, 1960.

10. Normandy Invasion, 6 June 1944.

A survivor is pulled aboard a U.S. Coast Guard boat after his ship was hit during the Normandy landings. Photograph from the USCG Collection in the National Archives.

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