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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 192

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 191, click here.

1. Princess Diana meeting Mr. Bean back in 1984.

2. Lincoln’s deathbed at Petersen House, taken shortly after the President’s body was removed, April 1865.

3. The delegations signing the Treaty of Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, France, 28 June 1919.

4. Polish prisoners toast to their liberation from Dachau concentration camp, 1945.

5. Archery Training in Japanese Girls High-School, Imperial Japan c.1939.

6. A newly arrived immigrant from Southern Italy in Milan, 1960s.

During the 1950s and 1960s, over four million people migrated from Southern Italy to the great industrial cities in the North.

7. San Francisco after the earthquake, 1906.

8. The Beatles show off their Member of The Order of The British Empire medals, 1965.

9. Three U.S soldiers man a machine gun set up in a railroad shop in Château-Thierry, France, on 7 June 1918.

10. Rows of artillery shells at the National Filling Factory in Chilwell, during WWI, 1917.

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