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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 194

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 193, click here.

1. The last Czar of Russia, Nicholas Romanov II and his only son, Alexei Romanov, sometime between 1914 & 1917.

2.  The Allies landed in Sicily.

Here, a photo from the “other side” officers and soldiers of the 123rd Coastal Infantry Regiment, that faced the American landing in Scoglitti, 10 July 1943.

3. Backup Apollo 11 Commander Jim Lovell reading a newspaper, May 1969.

4. The Crown Prince of Siam (Little Prince in “The King and I”), 1865.

5. President Theodore Roosevelt standing side-by-side with then Secretary of War, longtime companion, and hand-picked successor William Howard Taft in 1906.

6. The Arsenal of guns & ammunition found in Bonnie & Clyde’s car after they were killed in the Ambush by Law Enforcement, 1934.

7. Rabbi Josiah Ford and the choir of Congregation Beth B’Nai Abraham in Harlem, New York, ca. 1925.

8. HMS Antelope explodes off the coast of East Falkland after attempts to defuse an unexploded Argentina bomb fail, 24 May 1982.

9. The sinking of SMS Viribus Unitis, the first Tegetthoff-class dreadnought battleship of Austria-Hungary, 1 November 1918.

10. Italian Alpino preparing to fire from a precarious position, ca. 1915.

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