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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 198

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 198, click here.

1. Jenny Joseph, the woman that modeled for Columbia Pictures to create their iconic logo, 1992.

2. 75 years ago, a Frenchman took a picture of the Allied warships arriving to invade Southern France. Also known as “the lesser-known D-Day,” 15 August 1944.

3. Sherman overlooking Atlanta, Autumn 1864.

4. A bystander attempts to catch a cup of moonshine being poured out of a window by a federal agent during the American Prohibition era, 1925.

5. French colonial officers in Ivory Coast with native wives, 1915.

6. Boys in a catholic neighborhood during the riots sparked by the death of Bobby Sands, after a 66-day hunger strike, Belfast, 7 May 1981.

7. An Italian soldier getting a haircut in a bombed-out street in Milan, August 1943.

8. Cambodian refugees arrive at Wellington Airport in New Zealand, 1983.

It was sponsored by the local Humanist Society.

9. “Graf Zeppelin” flying over Berlin, Germany, 1937.

10. Emperor Hirohito (front row, center), with senior officers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, on board the Japanese battleship Musashi off Yokosuka Naval Base, 24 June 1943.

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  • #21. Reunion of confederacy, 1916. My question: the men of color in the picture.
    Plenty of historians claim that southern people of color fought for the confederacy; I read all of that literature in the 8th grade, like everyone else did.
    But that concept has been strongly refuted.
    It’s probably pointless for me to pose this question here. Depressingly, it’s unlikely that anyone here understands the issues and relevant literature as well as I do; yet people will probably comment.
    People tend to respond to deep questions with the arrogance that accompanies a complete lack of understanding.
    Despite my dismal expectations, I pose the question:
    Is the photo in # 21 accurate?
    Plz don’t respond with general knowledge about the subject. Plz only respond if you have more information regarding this exact photograph than is presented in this article.


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