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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 199

11. The liberation of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, as an M8 Greyhound armored car of the US Army’s 11th Armored Division enters the camp, with the banner in the background being roughly translated (from Spanish) as “Anti-fascist Spaniards salute the forces of liberation,” 1945.

12. Children playing with stacks of hyper inflated money during the Weimar Republic, 1922.

13. Two Jews praying at the wailing wall, 1870.

14. Jewish schoolchildren, Mukachevo, Ukraine, 1938.

15. Rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it was filled with water in 1936.

16. Frederick Branch of Charlotte, NC was the first African American to be commissioned in the Marine Corps. Pictured with his wife in 1941.

17. A Moose and Buggy team from Edmonton, Alberta, 1910.

18. Chinese Wermacht soldiers, 1940.

19. German prisoners, captured by the U.S. in 1945, are forced to watch footage of the concentration camps.

20. Southern chain gang, 1900 – 1906.


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