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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 202

11. Bonnie and Clyde, 1932.

12. IRA Incendiary device having just gone-off in a department-store in the center of Londonderry, Northern Ireland, British military personnel look-on, 4 January 1972.

13. The Beatles and Muhammad Ali, 18 February 1964.

14. Mount St. Helens eruption, 1980.

15. The Cook, 1914.

Photo by Harry Whittier Frees.

16. Battleship USS New York, Spithead Coronation fleet review, 20 May 1937.

17. Gavrilo Princip, the man who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand which was one of the main reasons for the start of WWI getting arrested by the Austro-Hungarian police, 1914.

18. Turkish soldiers before being deployed to the Korean War, c. 1950.

19. Vice President George H.W Bush waves US flag while riding through the Inaugural parade, 1981.

20. USS Iowa’s No.2 turret is cooled with seawater shortly after exploding, 19 April 1989.

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