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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 204

11. Elizabeth II firing a British L85 battle rifle, 1993.

12. Austro-Hungarian prisoners guarded by an Italian soldier of the “Casale” Infantry Brigade after the capture of Gorizia, August 1916.

13. Reverend Joe Carter stands guard on his front porch, expecting a visit from Ku Klux Klan after he dared to register to vote, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, 1964.

Photo by Bob Adelman.

14. Austrian soldier posing next to artillery shells, Staniątki, Poland, Austria-Hungary, 1915.

15. A German, a Finn, and a Russian having a smoke outside a POW hospital in Aunus (Olonets), Karelia, 17 September 1941.

16. Breaker boys, who broke up pieces of coal, worked in Ewen Breaker of Pennsylvania Coal Co. in 1911.

17. Inauguration of the Margherita Hut on Monte Rosa, the highest building in Europe (4,554 m above sea level), in the presence of its namesake, Queen Margherita of Italy, 18 August 1893.

18. HMCS Branford crewman hacking ice off the corvette in St. John’s Newfoundland, 1944.

19. Dr. Schreiber giving a young girl a typhoid inoculation at a rural school, San Augustine County, Texas, April 1943.

20. Captured French Regimental flags, equipment and uniforms, Zeughaus, Berlin, 1940.

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