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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 205

21. Half-dressed U.S. soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division near the Vietnamese-Cambodian border, 1970.

22. An American-made Kittyhawk fighter plane of the British Royal Air Force lands amidst a sandstorm in Libya.

A member of the ground crew has hopped onto the wing to help guide the pilot through the storm, 2 April 1942.

23. A segregated swimming pool for African Americans in Jackson, Mississippi, ca. 1960.

24. Girls pressed against the Pittsburgh Civic Arena’s glass doors in anticipation of a Beatles concert, 14 September 1964.

25. Two British Army officers and a puppy read a captured Italian newspaper.

Both the puppy and newspaper were found during the capture of an Italian Army base at Sidi Baranni, Egypt, 28 January 1941.


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