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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 206

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 205, click here.

1. The Carter administration installed 32 panels on the White House designed to harvest the sun’s rays and use them to heat water, 1979.

2. Babies who lost their parents during the Vietnam War being airlifted back to the United States for adoption, 1975.

3. A B-25 bomber got lost in the fog and crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building, 1945.

14 people died in the accident.

4. Louis Armstrong playing for his wife, Egypt, 1961.

5. French soldiers chatting around a fire lit inside a damaged Church near Saint-Mihiel, France, 1916.

6. This picture of James Dean at a gas station in 1955 was taken just a couple of hours before his fatal car accident.

He was only 24 years old.

7. Edward Evans observing an occultation of Jupiter during the Terra Nova Antarctic expedition, 8 June 1911.

8. U.S. Marines of 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, assault entrenched PAVN forces on Hill 881N near Kheh Sanh, Vietnam, 1967.

9. The steel support structure during renovation work on the White House, 1950.

10. Watching the signing of the treaty of Versailles, 1919.

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