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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 207

11. Future US President Franklin D. Roosevelt at age 2, wearing a dress, 1884.

12. An Irish Fusilier tempts a Turkish sniper at Gallipoli during WWI.

13. The Great Sphinx, with its head stabilized by bricks and sandbags to protect against potential artillery or bombing, 1942.

Photographer, Bob Landry for LIFE Magazine.

14. USAF F-4 Phantom destroyed by the Vietcong in Tan Son Nhut Air Base after the Tet Offensive, 18 February 1968.

15. Swiss Guards at the gates of the Vatican, 1885.

16. David Rosenhan of The Rosenhan Experiment.

He sent people with no history of mental illness to mental hospitals. The staff couldn’t tell they were sane & it took some 2 months to get out, 1973.

17. German armored personnel of the Afrika Korps fry eggs on the hull of a Panzer II in North Africa, c. 1941-1942.

18. Conservationist Grey Owl / Archibald Belaney with a beaver kit 1935/36.

19. German officers sitting on the side of the road watching the US military using the Autobahn built by Hitler for his troops, April 1945.

20. Funeral procession of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary.

She was assassinated by Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni in Geneva, Vienna, 1898.

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