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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 209

11. Two Canadian nursing sisters pose in uniform during the WWI, c. 1914-1918.

12. Rabindranath Tagore meets Albert Einstein at his residence in Germany, July 1930.

13. In his first televised address, President George Bush holds up a bag of crack seized across the street from the White House, September 1989.

14. British B-class destoyers enter the harbor of Gibraltar during the Spanish Civil War, 1937.

15. Infantrymen of “C” Company, Royal Canadian Rifles, pose with their dog while en-route to Hong Kong, 1941.

16. A handshake from Japanese Lt. General Torashiro Kawabe is refused by American Col. Sidney Mashbir (who knew Kawabe from before the war) during a Japanese visit to Manila to prepare the details for Japan’s surrender ceremony, August 1945.

Photo by George Lacks.

17. Sculpting begins on the face of Lincoln, Mount Rushmore, Black Hills National Forest, SD, 1927.

18. One of the aviation Pioneers, Igor Sikorsky at the controls of an R-5 helicopter, 1945.

19. JFK playing with his children in their Halloween costumes a few weeks before his assassination, 1963.

20. Mark Twain in a rocking chair on a porch with his cat, Dublin, New Hampshire, September 1906.

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