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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 210

11. German R boats operating near the coast of occupied France, 1941.

12. Bagpipers were usually the first ones out of the trenches when it was time to fight; playing as they lead the soldiers into each battle, 1910s.

13. G. Lipskerov, soldiers of the Red Army of Czechoslovakia, 1945.

14. An unidentified Australian soldier looking towards the remains of the Cloth Hall, Ypres, 3 September 1917.

15. Unknown British Airborne Soldier’s grave buried by German Soldiers, 15 April 1945.

16. Homeless children, Russia, Moscow, 1995.

17. Boer graves at the British concentration camp at Bethulie, South Africa, c. 1901.

18. A Firefly fighter-bomber warms up on the deck of HMCS Warrior, the first aircraft carrier fully crewed and operated by the Royal Canadian Navy, c. 1946-1948.

19. “The ramparts of Mount Erebus.”

Taken by Herbert Ponting during Robert Scott’s 1911 antarctic expedition.

20. Duke Kahanamoku and Babe Ruth on Waikiki Beach, 1937.

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