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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 210

21. Three Italian Generals captured after the battle of El Alamein: Giorgio Masina (commander of the 102nd Motorized Div Trento), Brunetto Brunetti (commander of the 27th Infantry Division Brescia), Riccardo Bignami (deputy commander of the 185th Paratrooper Division Folgore), November 1942.

22. Austro-Hungarian army chaplain in prayer (or possibly administer last rites) with seriously wounded soldiers, Italian front, August 1917.

23. US soldiers celebrating on the back of an army truck in an Armistice Day Parade at the end of WWI, New York City, 11 November 1918.

24. Police disguised as athletes preparing to attack terrorists at the Munich Olympics, September 1972.

25. Momčilo Gavrić was born on 1 May 1906 marching as an official member of the sixth artillery Drina Division, 1914.

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