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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 211

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 210, click here.

1. When Nazis asked Lepa Radic who were her accomplices before they hanged her she responded: “you’ll know them when they come to avenge me.”

Young Serbian girl was hanged at the age of 17 near Gradiska in 1943. During the battle of Kozara, she lost her father, brother (15) and her uncle.

2. Old woman complaining (and looks like begging for something) to Austro-Hungarian Emperor Charles I during his visit to small town of Labin in Istria (now Croatia), WWI, 1918.

3. Soldiers take cover in a trench during an Atomic explosion, upshot Knothole-Simon, 1954.

4. Unveiling of the monument to Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on the place whey they were shot, Sarajevo, 1917.

5. Students of the NCO school at the 1st Armored Battalion in Poznań, performing acrobatic gymnastics routines on light tanks Renault FT 17, Poland, Poznań, 1931.

6. An early car parked in front of The Northern Saloon in Bannock Nevada, 1910.

7. Vietnam veterans protesting the Vietnam war, “we won’t fight another rich man’s war,” 1970.

8. A young Chechen boy in the first Chechen war, 1994-1996.

9. Dancer and actress Loie Fuller in the gown she designed for her famous “Serpentine Dance”, Paris, 1901.

10. The electric tram in Damascus, Syria, 1961.

On the left, there is a poster of the Egyptian movie “A husband by rent”.

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