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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 212

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 211, click here.

1. Abraham Lincoln sitting for a portrait, February 1865.

2. Camouflage Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-21-IIb bomber seconds before its destruction by para frag bombs dropped by a U.S. Army Air Force Douglas A-20 Havoc, 1943.

3. The first self-portrait photograph, 1839.

Made by Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer of photography.

4. Members of the Turkestan Legion (Central Asian POWs who chose to fight for Nazi Germany) and their German officer watch a chess game, October 1943.

5. Bayard Wootten, 1910s, pioneering female documentary photographer.

6. An American actor F. Murray Abraham (Born: the USA, 1939) and Czech movie director Miloš Forman (1932 – 2018) on the set of his movie “Amadeus”, Czechoslovakia, Praha (Prague)/ now the Czech Republic, 1984.

7. Photographer above the skies of Berlin, 1912.

8. The queue for “Star Wars”, directed by George Lucas (Born: the USA, 1944), on its opening day at the Leicester Square Theatre, England, London, 27 December 1977.

9. Private Tokutaro Iwamoto of the 10th Canadian Infantry Battalion.

Born in Japan, Iwamoto was awarded the Military Medal after capturing 20 enemy soldiers,  September 1918.

10. Literal Hitler supporters, Finland, 4 June 1942.


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