25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 28

January 18, 2016
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  1. Samuel says:

    “Absolutely retarded” in fact #1? I’m not particularly sensitive to this kind of speech, but I’m looking for facts that at least give the appearance of being fact-based and not simply the author’s opinion. Has the staff hired a new writer(s) that do not uphold the same standard or are they getting lazy? And please note, I am not asking to be a pain in the a**, but the decrease in quality is difficult to overlook.

    1. Mike says:

      Oh good grief Samuel – suck it up and act like you have a pair. Quit being a girly man and allowing yourself to look retarded with your pseudo shock that somebody actually had the gall to utilize a word you don’t like.

      1. Samuel says:

        I’d like to invite you to read my comment again. Maybe the second time, you will notice that my grievance had less to do with the word “retarded” and more to do with the author’s incorporation of his opinion in what is supposed to be a fact. I understand that it may be difficult for the writers to always refrain from including their opinion, but to do so in the manner in which it was done here just seems to lack a certain level of professionalism. That being said, I am on a website titled Kickass Facts so maybe I should curtail my expectations a bit. Anyway, I’ll get back to my reading and I suggest you do the same, Mike. Your reading comprehension skills are lacking, my friend.

        1. Jorge says:

          I am gonna have to agree with Mike here, Samuel. As to your other point, he gave the date built, a link to the finish product and a little known fact. Sounds like they did their job. If you want hard facts and the like maybe us an encyclopedia?

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