25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 34

March 22, 2016
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  1. MrGreenix says:

    Thanks for continuing to post these collections and for your work ! 😀

  2. kibu says:

    Guys, I hate to tell you, #10 is likely faked. The photo itself was supposedly taken in 1914. However it wasn’t released until 1932 as part of a propaganda piece for the Nazi party. It was released the day before the presidential election, in response to Hitler’s opponents questioning his dedication to nationalism and away from the government itself. The original caption being quote ““Adolf Hitler, the German patriot … in the middle of the crowd stands with blazing eyes – Adolf Hitler.” The photo went on to become a favourite Nazi propaganda picture, appearing with captions such as “Adolf Hitler: a man of the people.” Most damningly, however, a version of the photo has been discovered that does not feature Hitler in the photo. This alone points to the original being retouched, with Hitler added to it. Furthermore, other photos from different angles that show the crowd such as this, do not feature Hitler in them. So yeah, your saying quote ” So the photo is not fake, ” is wrong. You’re spreading a myth and claiming it to be a fact.

    1. funnynuts63 says:

      Also Hitler did not trim his mustache to his iconic look until he entered service with the German army when he had to trim it to fit a gas mask… So ya… Without any other information except the date it can most certainly be considered a fake. But good intel on the other stuff.

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