25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 40

April 19, 2016
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  1. Mike says:

    Number 7 in this list (25 Interesting Historical Photos part 40) is inaccurate.

    The Saville report details that the soldiers who opened fire were at first fired upon, and the confusion of the riot in progress led them to believe that there was a gunman in the crowd.

    If you’ve been in a riot, which I distinctly hope you haven’t, you’ll know that you haven’t a chance in locating a gunman in a crowd. When you’re taking casualties you need to take action or take more.


    A serving British Army Officer.

    1. Mouse says:

      You’re incorrect, the report states. “Some of the crowd spotted paratroopers hiding in a derelict three-story building overlooking William Street, and began throwing stones at the windows. At about 3:55pm, these paratroopers opened fire. Civilians Damien Donaghy and John Johnston were shot and wounded while standing on waste ground opposite the building. These were the first shots fired.[35] The soldiers claimed Donaghy was holding a black cylindrical object,[36] but the Saville Inquiry concluded that all of those shot were unarmed.”he Saville Report agreed that soldiers “used excessive force when arresting people […] as well as seriously assaulting them for no good reason while in their custody” The report concluded, “The firing by soldiers of 1 PARA on Bloody Sunday caused the deaths of 13 people and injury to a similar number, none of whom was posing a threat of causing death or serious injury.”[85] “Saville stated that British paratroopers “lost control”, fatally shooting fleeing civilians and those who tried to aid civilians who had been shot by the British soldiers.[86] The report stated that British soldiers had concocted lies in their attempt to hide their acts.[86] Saville stated that the civilians had not been warned by the British soldiers that they intended to shoot.[87] The report states, contrary to the previously established belief, that no stones and no petrol bombs were thrown by civilians before British soldiers shot at them, and that the civilians were not posing any threat.[86]”

    2. Anon says:

      Damn, Mike. Come join a USA police force if killing civilians is your dream. We love making money off of advertising and sad shirts for all the dead urban youth. Come make your fortune and slaughter some stupid kids!

  2. Louis says:


    “The Tlatelolco massacre was the killing of an estimated 30 to 300 students and civilians by military”…

    Those numbers are extremely low, since still now, the families of more of 4000 unaccounted students still march to Tlatelolco every year asking the Mexican Government for answers.

    Non-Mexican Government Sources of the time put the numbers as low as 1500 and as high as 10000. Most publications stating these numbers have been suppressed and/or destroyed by the Mexican Government to avoid facing the facts of that massacre.

  3. Frank says:

    What’s the story on those women car mechanics? They look very cute by the way, with their modernish haircuts.

    1. bt says:

      could be WW1, WW2. judging by the car models I’d say WW1, women doing jobs back home while loads of men are out serving in combat.

    2. Admin says:

      You can read more about two out of three of them here: http://www.shorpy.com/node/2974#comment-38592

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