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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 66

11. Pack Reindeer and Finish soldier. October 24, 1941


12. Soviet POW drinking water from a frozen stream

soviet POWS drinking water

Captured by German soldiers, Soviet POWs on the Eastern Front break from their column at the assembly point to drink water from a frozen stream. Russia. 9 November 1941.

13. Civil War 50th Anniversary Reunion,1913

14. Eiffel Tower

worker painting eiffel tower

A Worker Painting the Eiffel Tower (Everett Collection, March 28, 1953)

15. Gangster Mickey Cohen

Gangster Mickey Cohen

Gangster Mickey Cohen standing amongst the front pages of newspapers that helped make him the city’s’ most infamous citizen.

16. USS Los Angeles (ZR-3))

USS Los Angeles (ZR-3)

The USS Los Angeles ascends uncontrollably from its mooring mast, 1927.

It was the result of a tailwind that suddenly came in, and instead of pivoting sideways around the mooring to point into the new wind, the ship went up and over the mooring. The event lasted only 90 seconds or so but was apparently a hell of a sight. Little damage resulted.

17. Radiographer

Radiographer wearing a hazmat suit

A radiographer wearing a hazmat suit during World War One in France, 1918.

18. “Lawrence of Arabia”

Lawrence of Arabia

T.E. Lawrence, or “Lawrence of Arabia” with camel and Enfield rifle

19. Thousand yard stare


A young Austro-Hungarian Lance Corporal giving a ‘Thousand Yard Stare’, 1918.

20. White defence league

White defence league

The White Defence League was a British far-right political group. Using the provocative marching techniques popularized by Oswald Mosley, its members included a young John Tyndall.

Above photo shows members of the White Defence League during a rally against immigrants at Trafalgar Square, London, on March 24, 1959


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