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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 74

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 73, click here.

1. Before the creation of the EPA, New York was one of America’s most polluted cities (1966).

NY most populated

2. A man selling his new Chrysler for a fraction of its value after the Stock Market Crash of 1929, New York.

man selling his new chrysler

3. 1st Field Artillery Brigade, 1st Division, Grenzhausen, Germany, 1919.

first field artillery brigade

4. Albert Reiher, 263rd member of the SS and 18861st member of the Nazi party.

albert reiher

5. Roman Polanski

roman polanski

Roman Polanski sitting outside his house after his 8 1/2 months pregnant wife Sharon Tate was brutally killed by the Charles Manson “family”, August 1969.

6. USS Iowa (BB-61) fires her 16-inch/50 caliber guns on 15 August 1984 during a firepower demonstration after her modernization.

uss iowa

7. Circus showman and founder P.T. Barnum and his three dwarves, General Tom Thumb, Lavinia Warren and Commodore Nutt, 1800s.

circus showman

8. World war I veteran with the mask from Ann Coleman Ladd studio in Paris.

ww1 veteran with mask

9. The first photo of a tornado, Kansas 1884.

first photo of a tornado

10. The Vietcong flanked and wiped out an ARVN unit in the Mekong Delta.

the vietcong flanked

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  • I love the Interesting Historical Photos, seen parts 1 through to 74, my favourite thing about this website. Keep them coming.


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