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25 Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi

16-20 Mahatma Gandhi Facts


16. Mahatma Gandhi once wrote a letter to Hitler, appealing him to stop the war. Gandhi referred to him as “dear friend”. – Source

17. At the Boer War battle of Spion Kop, Winston Churchill as a 23-year-old war correspondent, stretcher bearer Mahatma Gandhi, and Boer General Louis Botha all fought at the same time before they went on to shape history. – Source

18. Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandson is a member of the Kansas Legislature. – Source

19. Mahatma Gandhi actively tried to convince Ethnic Indians in South Africa to help the British war effort against Zulu revolts; he even later claimed that it was just a British man hunt. – Source

20. Mahatma Gandhi wrote “… I do not consider Hitler to be as bad as he is depicted. He is showing an ability that is amazing and seems to be gaining his victories without much bloodshed.” – Source

21-25 Mahatma Gandhi Facts


21. Great Britain, the country against whom he fought for independence, released a stamp honouring him, 21 years after his death. – Source

22. Mahatma Gandhi fought for the establishment of Islamic Caliphate in Middle East. – Source

23. Mahatma Gandhi ate absolutely no food and only took sips of water for 21 days, and survived. – Source

24. In his last years, Mahatma Gandhi would sleep with nubile teen girls to prove his celibacy and to test libidinous urges. – Source

25. Charlie Chaplin got the idea for Modern Times(1936) partly from a discussion with Mahatma Gandhi on modern technology. – Source


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  • re #20, I think this is the quote – or along these lines, I spotted it on one of the earlier source links.

    “What will Hitler do with his victory? Can he digest so much power? Personally he will go as empty-handed as his not very remote predecessor Alexander. For the Germans he will have left not the pleasure of owning a mighty empire but the burden of sustaining its crushing weight. For they will not be able to hold all the conquered nations in perpetual subjection. And I doubt if the Germans of future generations will entertain unadulterated pride in the deeds for which Hitlerism will be deemed responsible. They will honour Herr Hitler as genius, as a brave man, a matchless organizer and much more. But I should hope that the Germans of the future will have learnt the art of discrimination even about their heroes. Anyway I think it will be allowed that all the blood that has been spilled by Hitler has added not a millionth part of an inch to the world’s moral stature.”

  • #24- slept and often bathed naked with nubile girls including his own grandniece to show how “in control” of his libido he was


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