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25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 109

Here are this week’s shower thoughts.

1-5 Shower Thoughts

1. Accidentally liking someone’s post while snooping through their profile is the digital equivalent of stepping on a twig while sneaking through the forest.

2. Parents begging for grandchildren have the same mentality as a child begging for a puppy: they get all of the cute with none of the work.

3. If you pay to see the results of an online IQ test, then you failed the test.

4. People who say “money can’t buy friendship” aren’t considering you can buy a dog.

5. >20 million soldiers never found out who won WWII.

6-10 Shower Thoughts

6. Telephone poles are trees that cleaned up and got a job.

7. Someone will be that guy that dies an hour before we invent a form of immortality.

8. The first person who successfully recorded their own voice probably thought they did it wrong when they listened to it.

9. Our skin is like the ideal fabric. It is easily washable, breathable, doesn’t stain, and even repairs every little cut and tear all by itself.

10. You might have a stressful job, but someone, somewhere, is Kim Jong Un’s hairdresser.

11-15 Shower Thoughts

11. Imagine how terrified the first person who ever saw a whale was.

12. Airports have seen more sincere kisses than wedding halls.

13. You never realize how often you swallow until you have a really bad sore throat.

14. Adults who spoil the end of a movie must be the same kids who circled the Waldo in the library copy of the Where’s Waldo books.

15. Our belly buttons are basically the same thing as holes the in fruit, where the stem goes.

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