25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 127

July 20, 2018
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  1. fritoz says:

    11. No one drives faster than the guy sitting in the left lane slowing down traffic when you finally try to pass them.

    THIS!!!! every day on my commute a-holes do this, not sure why

    also, whenever anyone leaves a large space in front of them driving, and I merge into the space after using my blinkers and everything, SO MANY people seem to get SUPER pissed and either try to speed up so you cant merge or then freak out and flip you off because you merged.

    I hate driving in big cities because of so many road rage a-holes out there

    1. van says:

      the gap I leave between me and the car in front of me is to help prevent a rear-end collision, not for people like you who think your destination is more important than mine.
      Secondly, you took time out of your day to call other motorists a-holes and think everyone drives poorly but you. Methinks YOU have the road rage issues.

      1. fritoz says:

        if you leave 2 car lengths in other wise bumper to bumper traffic, someone is going to merge in front of you. Its how you react to this is what makes you an a-hole

        its ok, I get the feeling you are pretty old to drive like that and get so upset if anyone tries to actually drive like its the year 2018, its not 1950 anymore

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