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25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 145

16-20 Shower Thoughts

16. Bad things always happen to good people because when bad things happen to bad people, it’s a good thing.

17. Animals that have suffered abuse almost never regain the trust of humans, yet we expect people who have been through similar abuse to go about their daily lives normally surrounded by other humans.

18. In Forrest Gump, Bubba and Lieutenant Dan technically stole each other’s fates. Bubba died in Vietnam while Lieutenant Dan worked on a shrimping boat.

19. The thought of putting milk in a cup of water sounds actually horrendous until you add a tea bag into the equation.

20. Kids who think they can outsmart their teachers with witty excuses don’t realize that their teachers have been to college where procrastination and deadline management is an art form.

21-25 Shower Thoughts

21. Everything above water must be like space to fish. They probably have no idea, but the Dolphins probably have some theories.

22. In twenty years we’ll be watching a documentary about this decade and we’ll be shaking our head about how ridiculous it all was and how low quality all the archival footage looks.

23. An out of school suspension isn’t a punishment for the student, but rather a punishment for the parents for raising a kid with bad behavior.

24. An argument becomes truly interesting only when both sides are right

25. WALL-E came out 10 years ago and people still litter.


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