25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 15

March 27, 2016
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  1. Jules A. says:

    As for 23., in France, we have a saying that can be literally translated as “Never 2 without 3”. Following this, Germany will lose WWIII too

    1. jo archer says:

      A phrase which also neatly applies to the ménage à trois.

  2. Emperor of Mankind says:

    Well played natives

    1. Michael Reilly says:

      Well played indeed

  3. Dragon says:

    No offense, but most of these are copied and pasted from other websites. You could at least list a source or something.

  4. Slatibartfast says:

    #4 – Fail. The first nine months of your life you were naked, unless you were born prematurely.

  5. Slatibartfast says:

    #9 – also fail. Womp rats are “not much more than a couple of metres”, ie bigger than humans and thus don’t fit the bill as “small creatures”. Are deer hunters sociopaths?

    1. Optik says:

      Absolutely. Anyone who hunts for pleasure is. Regardless of size of the animal

      1. Malum says:

        Some do it for money and food. If lets say a fox is eating your chickens, you aren’t sociopathic for killing it. The womp rat is very likely a rodent messing with his crops as he is a farmer

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