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25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 167

16-20 Shower Thoughts

16. Amazon’s most shipped item is a cardboard box.

17. It’s fitting that Elder Scrolls games use the same few voice actors for all NPCs, it’s like a Dungeon Master has to do the voice for all NPCs in a game of D&D.

18. Teachers who used chalkboards used Dark Mode before it was cool.

19. The guy who flinches when someone pretends to punch him is way more prepared for a punch than the person who just stands there unflinchingly.

20. If you buy a half sandwich you are sharing a full sandwich with a stranger.

21-25 Shower Thoughts

21. Most of the lies are not to hide stuff, but to avoid unnecessary explanations and discussions.

22. Civil wars and revolutionary wars are the same, but civil wars are won by the mother nation and revolutionary wars are won by the new nation.

23. If keyboards had braille signs on them, we would all unconsciously learn it over time.

24. If your thumb is chopped off you lose your middle finger.

25. Using 3D printers, you can now pirate board games.


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