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25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 188

16-20 Shower Thoughts

16. Some people think the legality of a drug is what determines if it’s bad or not.

17. Time doesn’t heal everything, but it sure does kill everything.

18. Having a dog around really makes talking to yourself seem much more normal.

19. Most kids today will never have to face the awkwardness of calling a girl at home and having her dad answer the phone.

20. We think high school seniors and college freshmen look really young because we’re used to watching 26-year-old actors portray them in movies and TV shows.

21-25 Shower Thoughts

21. If you listen to slightly older music, you are out of the loop. But if you listen to really old music, you are listening to the classics.

22. The Person you care for most has the potential to destroy you the most.

23. The reason ghosts always make lights flash is that they are amazed by modern technology so just keep pressing the switch like a child.

24. If people went before the judge and jury with their identities hidden and voices masked, we would probably see more fairness in our justice systems.

25. We use materials backward. Plastic takes centuries to degrade and we use it for disposable junk; but we still make a lot of “permanent” stuff out of wood, cloth, and dirt. If we made houses out of plastic rather than wood, they’d last longer. We could change packaging back to paper/cardboard/wood.


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