25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 237

October 23, 2020
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  1. Jerome Luc Dumont says:

    It’s more relatable to have the Simpsons just getting by, and there have been numerous episodes where new cars have been purchased (Canyonero), but for plot reasons they are gone by the episode’s end. By now, maintenance of the cars is what’s preventing them from being able to get new ones; Homer has said that the cars are from the now-vanished Eastern Bloc and “made out of tractor parts”.

    The Philosopher’s Stone security weakness isn’t that it was simple enough that an 11-year old witch and wizards could have defeated it: it’s that too many people were involved in creating it, providing Quirrell more opportunities to obtain the knowledge of the security features and how to get past them. What was wrong with keeping it hidden in Dumbledore’s desk, if for whatever reason it needed to be removed from Gringotts at all?

    Unfortunately, social anxiety and stage fright (the latter of which is really a subtype of the former) aren’t exactly leadership qualities; it doesn’t inspire confidence if your leader isn’t themselves confident and able to cope with being the centre of attention.

  2. Jerome Luc Dumont says:

    You can hate 10% of people based on their personality: “I hate egotists, I hate know-it-alls, I hate people who generalise and don’t realise that the real world isn’t as clear-cut as they think it is… “

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