25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 7

January 31, 2016
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  1. Matt says:

    22 every country has ninjas but not in the way you expect you know how we know the 1500s fedual japan as ninjas take away thw hollywood sh*t do research to figure out what they actually could do but they were mostly the cia in 1500 japan they did use the same tactics that were avilable in the years were a war used swards instead of clip guns and other games bond toys so the cia is basicly the modern ninjas and think of every 1st world spy agency as ninjas

    1. Raj says:

      However, not every country has punctuation. Apparently.

    2. Also Matt, coincidentally says:

      your grammar gave me cancer.

  2. aaron says:

    Yeah I envy homer too. Big house, three kids, wife doesn’t have to work. Money to drink in a bar. Two cars. All on one income. Where the Hell is Springfield? The 1950s?

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