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25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 71

16-20 Shower Thoughts

16. There are two types of people in this world: Those who will send back an order if it’s incorrect, and those who will suffer in silence and stick with whatever they’re given.

17. You don’t realize how hard you chew your food until you bite your tongue.

18. Games like Skyrim or Breath Of The Wild should give players who go long periods without playing “player Recaps” so you remember what you were doing when you last played.

19. I wonder how many animals we had to ride before we discovered that horses were cool with it.

20. If your birthday was six months ago you were actually born 186 million miles away on the other side of the sun.

21-25 Shower Thoughts

21. My parents’ generation: I work hard so my kids don’t have to. Also my parents’ generation: these kids don’t work for sh*t.

22. I wonder how many deadly diseases my body has fought off without me knowing.

23. Saying “alcohol and drugs” is like saying “bananas and fruit.”

24. I can’t wait till the time comes where 80-year-old men are blasting dubstep in their cars.

25. Haven’t heard somebody saying YOLO for a while. I guess everyone who used it is dead by now.


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  • #20’s math is pretty incorrect.

    You’d actually be 5840 million miles away, or 5.8 billion.

    He’s thinking only of orbital circumference distance and not relativistic movement through space itself.

    On top of that his orbital math is wrong too. In 6 months earth moves ~290 million miles around the sun.


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