25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 9

February 14, 2016
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  1. Slatibartfast says:

    The Loser On Prozac

    The Loosest Of p*ssies (about Kim)

  2. R. Stone says:

    9. The fact that our arms are long enough to reach our genitals is one of the biggest things we take for granted.

    The thought that this person did not say, “The fact that our arms are long enough while sitting on the floor, legs straight out and leaning forward, to grab the inside of each foot and stretch,” leads me to believe he might well be a rapist.

  3. R. Stone says:

    You guys should have a contest for the top voted shower thoughts. I’ll start it off with:

    #1.) 13. Seeing as how both Batman and Ironman’s only real super powers are that they are super rich and very smart, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sure turned out to be disappointments.

    #2.) 12. My brain knows how to type without looking at the keyboard yet I cannot draw a QWERTY keyboard from memory.

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