25 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Cars

April 6, 2015
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  1. Metal Keith says:

    #25 is absolutely not true. I have driven multiple Porsches, and the ignition lock cylinder has always been on the right of the steering column. They have all been LHD Boxters and Cayennes for the US domestic market, so perhaps this is true for other models, but certainly not all Porsches.

    #8 is shady… the fact says “multiple witnesses” whereas the source says “a member of the public.” Was it one guy who saw a car in a ditch and exaggerated, or multiple people who saw a ghost car fly off the road?

    1. Izaerian says:

      Yeah it’s all 911’s and most of the race cars.

    2. Rafael says:

      From http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/lets-talk-about-ignition-placement-1448449372

      Yes, I know Porsches have their ignition on the left due to their Le Mans heritage, when drivers used to run to their cars, turn the car on with their left hand and engage gear with their right, in search of that extra advantage on their competitors. I guess that one characteristic has served them well, considering they’ve won Le Mans sixteen times.

      But here’s the problem I have with Porsche. I can never make a quick exit in one, despite the fact that the ignition is on the left side for that very purpose. Being a right-handed person, the key is always in my right hand. And all other car companies have their ignition on right. As a result, I spend a good five to ten seconds looking for the ignition every time I start, stall, or need to switch off the car. This is something I haven’t become accustomed to for three years. Which rattles me.

      I guess due to my right-handed muscle memory, I’ve become way too used to mindlessly using my right hand to unlock and enter a car, insert the key into the ignition, switch on the car, check if a Regina Spektor song is playing, disengage the parking brake, shift into Drive, and set off.

      Meanwhile, the other hand is checking text messages or is grasping the steering wheel. I fathom ninety percent of drivers probably do this right up until the first fender-bender/driving-while-texting ticket.

      However, Porsche fundamentally believes that even a soccer mom driving a Cayenne or an orthodontist rocking a Panamera should be subject to the Le Mans experience. I’m sure they’ve become used to it since Porsche is at the top of the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. (On a side note, Toyota was in the bottom five in the same study while Land Rover wasn’t.)

      But these customers don’t want to be Derek Bell. They probably don’t even know who he is.

      Now you may say, “Doesn’t Porsche have a keyless entry option?” Well, even if you take the Porsche Entry and Drive option, there’s no start button for that quick getaway. Porsche actually puts a fake key in the ignition and has the driver turn that, like a normal key, to start the car, while the actual key presumably is in your pocket. Apparently, a start/stop button isn’t the Porsche way, but leaving the center console of a Panamera Turbo S full of blank switches without a start/stop button is.

      Unfortunately, since Porsche not having its ignition on the left would be like Justin Bieber changing hair styles (losing a crucial part of your identity, but being tremendously successful anyway), it looks like I’ll have to budget an extra five to ten seconds every time I get into a Porsche.

      It’s a pity. I’ll never be able to pull a quick bank job with a Panamera. Prevent clogging school pick-up lines in a Cayenne. Pick up girls smoothly in a 918. Live out my Bob Wollek fantasies in a Cayman.

  2. Quentin Compson says:

    Many of these car facts are true. Too bad you spoil it with #25, totally false.

    1. Quentin Compson says:

      Racing Porsches don’t even have key ignitions.

      1. FuzzygGypsy says:

        Were talking about racing Porsches from the late 60s and 70s like the 908 and 917. They still make street 911’s with left side turn key ignition today. But you’re right, today’s cup and rsr Porsches are switch started

  3. Wesley says:

    Why is your website called KickassFacts.com?

    1. bobby says:

      bc the facts are kickass duh

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