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25 Kickass and Awesome Facts About Left Handedness

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  1. keri says:

    Jay Z is right handed. A google image search showshim writing several times with his right hand :/

    1. Admin says:

      He is left handed. That’s why he calls himself “lucky lefty”. Some rappers use their opposite dominant hand when performing however.

      1. Geo says:

        This is wrong, they call Jay ‘lucky lefty’ after the character Al Pacino played in the wiseguy film ‘Donnie Brasco’. ‘Lefty’ a wiseguy in the film, wants to get out and tries to, but in the end donnie gives him the chance to run and he doesn’t before busting them as an undercover cop. This leads to lefty getting whacked. Jay has openly said his old life was going to get him killed and he made the choice to get out of the game and concentrate on music, now he is on forbes rich list… he got out in time, he is ‘lucky lefty’

    2. Longboard says:

      Could be a reversed image 🤷‍♂️

  2. Parasjain says:

    i m also a left handed boy so i want to know tha good nd bad facts of a left handed boy and i m just of 21 yrs old now

  3. Dash says:

    This list is complete sh*t. We don’t die earlier. It’s illogical. Imbeciles

    1. Lau Wen Han says:

      I don’t want to die early

  4. Jimmy says:

    #22 My mother always told me that my grandmother had severe neurological problems earlier in life due to teachers trying to force her to be right-handed.

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