25 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

November 11, 2020
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  1. Bruce Lee’s house in Oakland (Maxwell Park area at 3039 Monticello Avenue, Oakland CA 94619)
    opened itself up years after he passed away, to garage sales selling his belongings.

    Also in Oakland, on Broadway, the site where Bruce taught martial arts is now where Downtown Toyota of Oakland (4145 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611) ‎is located. The next door business, Subaru of Oakland has a dedicated shrine for those that love Bruce Lee there.

  2. George benyard says:

    I’d like to be like bruce Lee but people dicourage me so I stay in the shadows

    1. Masona says:

      WHYYY I have the same goals just not enough tips keep going you’ll get there

      1. Big pops says:

        I am bruce lee

        1. Why says:

          He lives!

    2. Bill says:

      It’s time to come out of the shadows. Bruce Lee is needed to show the current crop of MA exponents and fans what the real deal is. “Be like water, my friend” 🙂

    3. Mrs.Benyard says:

      Hello I Love You, you might never see this but just know that i have always supported you! Im here Forever MF&ML

  3. bruce is my lovely actor and sportsman bruce is best bruce lee l love you forever

  4. namber 1 person l cry when l listen bruce’s voice why why died young

  5. ???????????????? says:

    there is sooo many people who want to be Bruce Lee and one of those people is me 🙂 🙁 😉 ;(

  6. dan says:

    You still are and always will be the “main man of martial arts.”

  7. swordfish says:

    someone should have been charged with manslaughter or negligent homicide. there was NO REASON that he should have died!!! fricken stupid m*rons wasted too much time, he should have gone straight to the hospital when he was unresponsive… it infuriates me how stupid people can be, especially when that stupidity kills someone.

    1. deez nutz says:

      He died in his sleep

  8. FAHAD says:

    Hey ,
    I m huge huge fan of bruce lee!
    And I have seen every movies of bruce lee
    And I have read the biography of bruce lee
    And I have been so much inspired by reading his biography and his book!!

  9. swordfish says:

    there’s so much left off of this list. how about he had to have a 300lb punching bag made because he destroyed regular sized ones. or that he could play ping pong with 2 opponents, using NUN CHUCKS instead of paddles, and win. or the famous 1 inch punch. or that he could light matches In mid air with his nun chucks? and oh so much more..

  10. Bruce Lee says:

    Bruce lee is awesome

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