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25 Kickass Random Facts List #202

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  1. Ace Encomienda says:

    In addition to number 20, the date of birth of Jesus Christ is never mentioned in the Bible.

    1. adrian says:

      Interesting point ACE, you’d think that would be a big deal

    2. Nick says:

      Correct. It does hint of warmer weather though, so most theologists agree that his birthway was more than likely around Springtime.

  2. Piet says:

    You guys know what. I wanna go to Tasmania and f**k some sh*t up. Not being able to acknowledge and respect a race gives me that motha fkn Ghandi feeling! BTW, i’m a white South African that doesn’t take sh*t from any body. White, black… f**k any card you have in your hand. I kind of feel like Tom Homies Crusader right now. In that movie. Not the Opharara thing. Nha meen.

  3. demarke says:

    #14 – Come on, I get that Bill Wilson founded AA and I respect the hell out of that for all the people it has helped. Even if some (or even many) haven’t beat it, the system has helped innumerable people better their lives. But, damn, if a man (or woman) wants a drink on their deathbed, just give it to them!

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