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25 Kickass Random Facts List #258

Here is 25 Kickass Random Facts List #258.

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1. In 2013, Metallica performed in Antarctica just to break a record and be the first musical act to perform on all 7 continents. – Source

2. The company who made ‘Settlers of Catan’ made a real ‘Cones of Dunshire’ game, after the fictional game Ben Wyatt made up in Parks and Recreation. – Source

3. The origin of the phrase ‘a taste of your own medicine’ comes from Aesop’s famous story about a swindler who sells fake medicine, claiming that it can cure anything. When he falls ill, people give him his own medicine, which he knows will not work. – Source

4. The English word “much” and the Spanish word “mucho” are not related at all, despite having similar definitions. “Much” comes from Proto-Germanic “mikilaz”, while “mucho” from Latin “multum”. Their similar appearance is a complete coincidence. – Source

5. Dandelions can be used to produce rubber. Car tires made from dandelions are in development. – Source

6-10 Kickass Random Facts

Crevice Hat

6. The Concorde supersonic jet stretched during flight due to the heat it generated. On its final flight the crew placed their hats into a crevice in the floor which appeared during the flight, as the aircraft cooled the crevice closed, permanently sealing their hats in the aluminum airframe. – Source

7. Jameson sells more Irish whiskey than all other Irish producers combined. Nearly half of all Jameson, $1.8 billion annually, is sold in the U.S., where it sells 13 times more whiskey than its closest competitor. – Source

8. Due to an agreement between the National Archives and Caroline Kennedy, the jacket which Jackie Kennedy wore on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated cannot be displayed in public until the year 2103. – Source

9. Extinguishing macho culture on oil rigs resulted in a company’s accident rate declining by 84%, while productivity, efficiency, and reliability increased beyond the industry’s previous benchmark. – Source

10. Houdini once sued a police officer who accused him of making his escapes through bribery. Houdini won his case when he opened the judge’s safe. – Source

11-15 Kickass Random Facts

Queen Elizabeth

11. When Queen Elizabeth was married in 1947 post-war rationing was still in effect and as a result, she had to save up clothing ration coupons to pay for her dress. – Source

12. On average, the center of gravity is about three percent higher in blacks than whites. This partially explains why blacks are better sprinters and whites are better swimmers. – Source

13. Not only is there an internal clitoris, but it wasn’t studied till the 1990s. – Source

14. Fireflies are the most efficient producers of light in the world, even when compared to modern light bulbs. – Source

15. Psychological research shows that roughhousing is important to childhood development. It teaches communications skills, rule negotiation, and how to communicate verbally and nonverbally. In reality, children not allowed to horseplay are more likely to be more violent later in life. – Source

16-20 Kickass Random Facts

Cow tipping

16. “Cow tipping” is nothing but an urban myth. Cows do not sleep standing up, as they are unable to keep their knees locked like some other animals that do sleep standing up. – Source

17. There is a highway in Russia known as the Road of Bones, as the skeletons of the forced laborers who died during its construction were used in much of its foundations. – Source

18. The Appalachian Mountains in the US and the Caledonides Mountains in Ireland were once part of the same mountain range. – Source

19. Lightning serves an important role in the nitrogen cycle by oxidizing diatomic nitrogen in the air into nitrates which are deposited by rain and can fertilize the growth of plants and other organisms. – Source

20. The last Incan emperor was captured by the Spanish and sentenced to execution by burning. A Spanish priest told him that if he converted to Catholicism his sentence would be commuted. He converted so instead the Spanish strangled him to death. – Source

21-25 Kickass Random Facts


21. Composer Gustav Mahler was superstitious and strongly believed in the Curse of the Ninth, where composers can only compose nine symphonies before they die. He tried to beat superstition by calling his 9th symphonic work a “song cycle,” then began work on his 10th symphony and died. – Source

22. In the 2013 American Cheese Competition, only one cheese was entered in the Dry Jack category and it came in third. The judges chose to not award first or second. – Source

23. Michael Anderson Godwin was charged with murder and sentenced to execution by electric chair. After his lawyer had his sentence reduced to just life in prison, Godwin died by accidentally electrocuting himself while sitting on the steel toilet in his cell. – Source

24. Thousands and thousands of mites closely related to spiders live in the pores of your face. They come out at night to mate and lay their eggs. Scientists aren’t sure of their purpose or what they eat. – Source

25. Going to the bathroom is one of the most dangerous things a sloth can do. Half of all sloth deaths occur while they are climbing to and from the forest floor, which is where they poop. – Source



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