25 Kickass Random Facts List #274

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  1. Pithagoras says:

    Dec 31 1899 and Jan 1 1900 are both in the 19th century. So #2 is BS.

  2. Morbid Bauk5 says:

    1900 is the beginning of the 20 Century, so it’s correct.

    1. Jerome Dumont says:

      No, it’s not. There was no Year 0, was there? Hence, the 1st century ran from 1 – 100, etc., etc., the 19th century ran from 1801 – 1900. It is correct to say the ship was simultaneously in the 1800s’ and 1900s’.

  3. Jerome Dumont says:

    Cameron did not have the idea for The Terminator in 1980. The most commonly-quoted story is that he first conceived of it the following year after having a dream about a robot with glowing red eyes. And when the film was in production, Harlan Ellison noticed that it was very similar to a television episode he wrote in 1964, hence the text just before the credits of the film.

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