25 Kickass Random Facts List #282

September 15, 2016
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  1. A says:

    Wait, lemonade is a soda outside North America?

    1. Jerry says:

      My thought was “what the h#ll is it everywhere else”?

      Also, it’s called “pop”. The south lost, deal with it.

      1. Admin says:

        Apparently, if you ask for a lemonade in UK, you will be given a Sprite. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

        1. amusudan says:

          I’ve lived in the Netherlands almost my entire life, now I live in Senegal. In both countries lemonade actually means the same as in north america, and I find it hard to believe that in all other countries it’s ‘pop’.

          1. amusudan says:

            soda*, not pop, sorry 🙂

        2. RatesAnalayst says:


          You would also be given a Sprite in Australia (well, that syle of drink, there are others). I presume this would be true in many other Commonwealth countries.

        3. Jen says:

          More likely Whites lemonade but they are basically the same thing. I cant believe your lemonade isn’t fizzy! So weird!!

        4. jo archer says:

          Not a Sprite but a lemon flavour carbonated beverage (Sprite is lemon and lime). Thing is that we also call the lemon juice, water and sugar drink “lemonade”, but you would normally be able to tell what you are getting by looking at it in a shop or if you need to differentiate (at a restaurant for example) then you might ask for “still lemonade”… Almost no-one ever drinks still lemonade here, it’s getting a bit more popular in the organic whole food type places where they throw a bit of mint in to make it a bit more refreshing and to seem more healthy (loads of sugar in water and lemon juice isn’t really that good for you). It’s not usually as hot here in the summer as it gets in many (especially mid) US states which is when you really want the refreshment of still lemonade. We get ice tea too, but it’s rarer and when you ask for tea without specifying, it comes hot. Also while on the subject of UK/US drinks, the reason that US coffee drinkers think tea is weak by comparison is that you guys get terrible tea. Really bad tea. I know you have started to get PG Tips in some ‘stores’ recently but most places in the US seem to have some sort of Twinings plastic teabags which do not work. Getting Twinings here is the exception and not the rule, they are usually considered to be fancier teas but weak as hell not really drunk by true tea drinkers. Also your PG tips bags are tiny (called one cup, but actually not enough for one cup) so there is never enough tea in the teabag to brew properly. While on the subject of teas, any ‘tea’ that does not contain the tea plant, is not a tea, it is a herbal infusion. They are marketed as ‘tea’ here too but if I ask for a cup of tea and you offer me some camomile BS then you are basically saying that you would like me to throw that weak boiled herb water in your face. It’s like offering a smoker a cigarette and then handing them a twig from a tree. It’s not tea. Also, there is a law here about alcoholic drinks (the weights and measurements act 1865) which means that alcoholic drinks must be served with the correct amount of alcohol. A shot is 25ml and a double is 50ml. I know in the US when you ask for a shot they will just glug loads into a glass and judge it by eye. You get a much better deal that way but you also don’t know how much you’ve had when you need to drive home. In the UK we use standardised steel measures. It looks less cool but you won’t order one cocktail with a single shot in it and end up losing your license by being over the drink drive limit. If you take anything away from reading this very long and tangential comment it’s that we take our tea seriously and that you are asking for some serious football (soccer) stadium scale violence if you try to pass off a non tea herbal infusion as tea. Oh yeah and something about lemonade, wow, I really lost my way there.

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