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25 Kickass Random Facts List #357

Here are 25 kickass random facts. For part 356, click here.

1-5 Kickass Random Facts

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1. Vocal jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald was born with perfect pitch so precise that the band musicians she worked with would tune their instruments to her voice. – Source

2. A hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane was headed to Switzerland but had to be intercepted by French/Italian fighter jets because the Swiss Airforce doesn’t work on nights and weekends. – Source

3. Teddy Roosevelt’s son died flying for the U.S. during WWI. When his body was discovered behind enemy lines, the Germans gave him a full military burial with honors. – Source

4. Frank Sinatra’s acceptance speech for a Legend Award at the 1994 Grammys was cut short due to commercial breaks. In response, Billy Joel stopped halfway through his performance of ‘The River of Dreams’ later on, simply looking at his watch and saying ‘valuable advertising time going by…’ – Source

5. In 2006, a man in Portland, Oregon hired a hitman to kill his 51-year-old wife. His wife ended up killing the hitman with her bare hands. When Susan Kuhnhausen had her hands on his neck she asked him, “Tell me who sent you here and I will call you a f*cking ambulance.” – Source

6-10 Kickass Random Facts

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6. Genie Wiley is a girl who was raised in a dark isolated room with no indication of an outside world for the first 13 years of her life, her father was incredibly abusive, and when authorities rescued her she couldn’t speak at all and only made infantile noises. – Source

7. While filming The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese suggested to Margot Robbie that her character Naomi would wear a robe to seduce Jordan. Margot insisted on being nude. She later explained: ‘‘The whole point of Naomi is that her body is her only form of currency in this world.’’ – Source

8. Snake Eyes, one of the 16 original G.I. Joe action figures were designed to save Hasbro money. As a ninja, the character was completely molded from black plastic, even given a mask to prevent detailing a face. The figure wasn’t even painted but became one of the most popular G.I. Joe figures. – Source

9. During an interview, Marlon Brando was asked: “Don’t you realize you’re thought of as the greatest actor ever?”. Brando turned to his dog Tim and replied “Tim is the greatest actor ever. He pretends he loves me when he wants something to eat.” – Source

10. In 1929, hockey player Eddie Shore, after missing his train, drove 350 miles through a blizzard to a game. The car’s chains broke twice, the wipers broke, he removed the top half of the windshield and crashed into a ditch. He still made it and scored the game’s only goal. – Source

11-15 Kickass Random Facts

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11. Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel is a waterway trash inceptor that removed approx. 200,000 bottles, 173,000 potato chip bags, and 6.7 million cigarette butts from the inner harbor in just 18 months of initial operation. – Source

12. A 10-year-old boy in China spent 2 years collecting 160,000 plastic bottles, raising $2,700. He donated all this money, and his own savings of $30, to orphans of AIDS victims. – Source

13. After screening the 1985 John Hughes film, The Breakfast Club, for the first time, studio executives stood up without saying a word. When the producer finally spoke, he said “It’s a piece of sh*t. It’s horrible. It’s just a bunch of kids in school talking.” – Source

14. When “Battlefield Earth” won the Razzie Award for Worst Movie of the Decade, screenwriter J.D. Shapiro accepted in person saying: “No one sets out to make a train wreck. Actually, comparing it to a train wreck isn’t really fair to train wrecks, because people actually want to watch those.” – Source

15. The Blackbird violin is a violin whose body is made entirely out of stone. It was carved from black diabase stone with slight modifications to allow it to be playable. – Source


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  • #1 is not true. no human is born with perfect pitch. She became incredibly skilled in music, no doubt, but without instruction, a human would not know what pitch even means. Don’t ever say someone was naturally born with a skill like that. pls stop saying this, humans.


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