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25 Kickass Random Facts List #358

Here are 25 kickass random facts. For part 357, click here.

1-5 Kickass Random Facts

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1. After Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said NBA referee manager Ed Rush “wouldn’t be able to manage a Dairy Queen”, Dairy Queen management took offence and offered to let Cuban manage a Dairy Queen for a day. Cuban accepted. – Source

2. Snoopy is NASA’s official safety mascot. Every astronaut since 1968 has worn a silver Snoopy pin into space; upon return, the astronauts present the pin as a special recognition to a civilian team member who helped keep them safe. – Source

3. After Korean soccer player, Ahn Jung-hwan scored the goal to eliminate Italy from the 2002 World Cup, his contract was canceled by Perugia, the Italian club he played for, for ruining Italian soccer. – Source

4. In Wisconsin, children are legally permitted to drink at any age, even in public, so long as a legal guardian gives the ok. – Source

5. The forbidden fruit in the Bible was not an apple. It only became known as an apple when the bible was translated into Latin in the 4th century, because the word “Malus” means both apple and evil. – Source

6-10 Kickass Random Facts

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6. “Prisencolinensinainciusol” is an Italian pop song consisting of Gibberish and meant to sound like how English sounds to non-English speakers. – Source

7. A soldier’s home was foreclosed on by his HOA over unpaid dues totaling $800. While he was in Iraq. – Source

8. Gordon Ramsay was covered in gasoline and held at gunpoint in Costa Rica while he was investigating illegal shark fin trading for a TV show. – Source

9. Arizona lost its chance to host the 1990 Super Bowl after its voters refused to make MLK Jr. Day a state holiday. – Source

10. Eight deaths are related to ingesting liquid laundry packets (i.e. Tide Pods) in the U.S. between 2012 and early 2017 that have been reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, only two of the cases were actually children, with six of them being adults with dementia. – Source

11-15 Kickass Random Facts

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11. Glenn Shadix, the actor who played Otho in Beetlejuice, was subjected to “ex-gay” electrical shock treatments when he came out to his parent. When this failed to change his orientation, he attempted suicide and survived a 3-day coma. After the incident, his parents accept ed his sexuality. – Source

12. Terry Crews supplemented his income in the NFL by painting portraits of his teammates. In some cases, this was his primary income. He typically earned $5,000 for a two-month commission to support his whole family. – Source

13. James Hong (Lopan from Big Trouble in Little China) served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, but he was so entertaining to the other troops in training camp that the camp general requested his stay at the camp to be in charge of live shows rather than deploy overseas. – Source

14. Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath once fell asleep during a driving test, waking up to a note saying “you have failed”. He passed in 2009, age 60, on his 19th attempt. – Source

15. 3-months after Robin Williams’ death, they discovered that he had a rare brain disease called LBD that was one of the worst cases ever seen. – Source

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