25 Kickass Random Facts List #359

January 24, 2018
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  1. mijk says:

    19. To be fair, she was nearly 35 …

  2. Juan Pablo Thomson says:

    Number 18… Gander, Newfoundland IS already part of America. Wouldn’t it be better said if it was “safe to enter the United States”? You know, Canada, as well as Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas already are a part of America. Same goes for every other single country in the continent for that matter!

    1. Demarke says:

      Juan Pablo – for the same reason we don’t say the United States of Mexico all the time although it’s techically correct. Saying just Mexico is easier and there is only one country on the continent with America in its name.

      1. THAT guy says:

        Going for the easy way, perhaps. But outside of the US, it is seen as a clear signal of that particular country’s egocentric standpoint. Making yourself sound bigger than you actually are. Or not caring about the rest. Probably both.

        Consider this: South Africa calling itself just Africa. Might be easier, but it’s simply not true and disrespectful of the other countries which make up the continent together. Not to mention confusing when not in context. I.e. “Hey, you heard about this new president of Africa?”.

        Remember: the USA is just a small fraction of the countries on this planet. Know your place. Literally 😉

  3. How one can play QBert for 100 hours. oh my goodness.

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