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25 Kickass Random Facts List #360

16-20 Kickass Random Facts

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16. Christopher Reeve considered suicide after his accident. His wife, Dana, assured him that no matter he decides, she will be by his side. He never considered suicide again. – Source

17. Physicist Lene Hau, in 1999 led a team at Harvard University that was able to slow down a beam of light to 38mph and in 2001 they successfully stopped a beam of light. – Source

18. The term “Dumpster” is actually a brand name, just like Kleenex is for tissues. – Source

19. Ed O’Neil has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and it’s in front of a shoe store. – Source

20. Harold and Kumar were written to go to Krispy Kreme, but after the company declined to be featured in the film, White Castle was selected instead. Happy about the free advertising, White Castle become the first fast-food chain to have an R-Rated comedy advertised on fast food containers. – Source

21-25 Kickass Random Facts

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

21. Ikea’s founder, the late billionaire Ingvar Kamprad, was incredibly frugal. He disciplines his employees for not using both sides of the paper. He has once turned away from Businessman Of The Year Award for arriving by bus and assembled all his furniture himself. – Source

22. Janusz Korczak was a man who accompanied 192 orphans to a concentration camp, refusing to save himself, while cheering and entertaining the children. He boarded the trains with them and was never heard from again. – Source

23. NYC’s Roosevelt Island doesn’t have a need for garbage trucks and weekly trash pick up. Instead, there is an automated vacuum collection. Put your garbage into a porthole and it’s transported via underground high-speed pneumatic tubes to a centralized location where it’s finally picked up. – Source

24. There is a species of butterfly that feeds only on the specific plant (Artemisia Vulgaris), which happens to like soil above mass graves. Forensic teams followed blue butterflies to help them uncover the mass grave sites. – Source

25. NYC water pressure can reach up to the 6th floor. Taller buildings require a water tower installed on the roof. There are only two companies in NYC who make those towers. – Source

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