25 Kickass Random Facts List #370

April 11, 2018
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  1. trippinDINOSOAR says:

    You really have to asterisk out the h*mo in h*mo sapien? It has nothing to do with h*mosexuality. What is this world coming too…

    1. Poppa Steve says:

      They even censored the guy’s name! I’ve seen that a few times if the guy’s name is the short version of Richard.

    2. Ben says:

      Seconded. That really frustrated me for some reason. False political correctness is getting out of hand.

    3. Morons_everywhere says:

      Thank you!

    4. Arno says:

      Stuff is just going to get worse. Eventually we won’t be able to communicate at all because everything will be offensive . . . getting ridiculous.

    5. Alonso says:

      anyway, in what sort of fascist regime is the word “homosexuality” censored?
      it’s a scientific term.. jeez

  2. HomoSapien says:

    Seriously, censoring homo sapien, what is wrong with you ?!?!?

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